Experience Continuous Marketing Impact Starting at Just $1 per Day

For individual membership, it costs less than a dollar a day to get year-round marketing and advertising exposure – compare that to the cost of a single digital or print ad that runs perhaps a day or week!  Also, national studies show consumers are more likely to choose Chamber Members businesses over non-member businesses!


     What types of Business join BACC? Big, small, which categories, and where must I be located?

BACC provides assistance and support to a wide range of businesses across various industries. The types of businesses that a Chamber of Commerce can assist include but aren’t limited to:

o   Entrepreneurs and Innovators

o   Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs)

o   Retail Businesses

o   Professional Services

o   Manufacturing and Industrial Businesses

o   Hospitality and Tourism

o   Healthcare Providers

o   Technology and Innovation Companies

o   Nonprofit Organizations

o   Real Estate and Construction

o   Education Institutions

o   Financial Services


o   Arts and Cultural Organizations